Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday's Stupid Question #3

First off, thanks to all those who answered last week's question

This week I'm going to circle back to the Where's My Water mobile app that I blogged about. So the question is, do you prefer the Swampy or Cranky levels??

Let me know and I promise there are some proper blog posts in the works, they are just taking longer to finish that planned.

Speak Soon :)


  1. Swampy. Crankys level just feel a bit easier.

  2. Thanks for the question Mark!
    Swampy every time. However I love the game and will play either level over and over :-)

  3. Hi Mark - I really love this idea of a weekly stupid question. I'm totally gonna steal the idea you stole from your friend and add it to my blogs at

    I don't know this game, but look forward to your next question.


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