Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hitler Reacts to New Fantasyland

I figured that today I would share with you all something I did quite a long time ago now, but is relevant once again as Storybook Circus and New Fantasyland start to open.

To give you some kind of back story behind this, by 2009/2010 there had been a huge wave of "Hitler Reacts" videos made and posted to the Internet, and I thought that many of the ones I had seen were very funny. The videos all use a scene from a World War II film called "The Downfall" with Hitler (played by Bruno Ganz) going on a tirade when he realises that the war is lost. In the parodies,the scene is left completely untouched, but new subtitles are added to change the subject of Hitler's anger; which works brilliantly as the film is not in English.

I had seen quite a few of these and found them to be very funny but while I thought about making one of my own, I didn't have a subject to base it on; or at least one that wouldn't be done by a dozen other people. And then they announced the Fantasyland Expansion in 2009 and I had my subject. I found the video in untouched format and wrote the subtitles to go with the audio; Tara did the video work to bring what I had written to the sceen and posted it. Obviously, this was based on the initial plans for New Fantasyland, a lot of it was re-imagineered in the time between the initial announcement and now.

Like most of the "Hitler Reacts" videos, ours was blocked on YouTube in the spring of 2010 but later reinstated with all the others in the October of that year. It now has almost 10,000 views and a lot of people leaving "LOL" feedback so is by far the most viral thing I have every been involved with. You can find the YouTube upload here

I should warn you, there is some language in this.

Enjoy :)

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