Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday's Stupid Question #2

First off, thanks to all those who answered last week's question. If you didn't and you want to weigh in on this very important topic, you can find it here.

Now onto this weeks oh so important question that requires serious debate.

I was watching Ratatouille the other day, and one of the previews on the DVD was for Wall-E. If you remember, during the previews/adverts the Pixar logo lamp's lightbulb went out and was replaced by Wall-E. After this Wall-E knocked over the R of the logo and so replaced it himself.

So, this week's highly stupid question is, should Wall-E replace the R permanently?

Your thoughts??


  1. No. it was for that one film and doesnt represent all pixars films.

  2. I want back the R!


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