Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday's Stupid Question #1

Time for something new :)

My friend Emma over at poses a question to her readers every Friday; and quite frankly, I am ripping her idea off. 

However, unlike Emma's questions (which I encourage everyone to head over to daydreamingdisney and answer themselves) my questions will be a lot more pointless and in most cases diabolically trivial; hence the name. But, there's nothing like arguing over things that do not matter, so please feel free to debate the hell out of this nonsense.

So, Sunday's Stupid Question #1 is as follows....

There are many of us that hope that the recent Muppet Movie will be paving the way to a lot more Muppets; most importantly a return to prime time television with a new run of the Muppet Show (which would be awesome!). Now should this happen, the question is, should Fozzie dye his eyebrows or should he stick with his current naturally greying look???

It's a toughie I know, so please post your thoughts below and remember that the more ridiculous your argument for whichever side, the better. Let's see what you guys think....


  1. you can't age just one Muppet and even as it seems Animal is losing his hair I think they should stay ageless

  2. Muppets remake cocoon! Bring back Steve Gutenberg.

  3. Michelle Tate Young8 April 2012 at 09:39

    Nook to agony muppets... Piggy must be blonde. Kerrie with an ECV is unthinkable... What would their next film be... The great muppet denture caper? Sacrilege!

  4. Michelle Tate Young8 April 2012 at 09:41

    Oops kermie not kerrie!

  5. Fozzie's graying eyebrows make him look dashing! Gonzo, on the other hand, needs a new colorist! Everyone knows his coloring is SOOOO 1980!


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