Wednesday, 2 June 2010

So I’ve decided to start a blog……..

So I’ve decided to start a blog……..

I’m not totally sure where this will go, maybe I will be the next internet sensation, but I doubt it. More likely it will be something I use as an outlet either for general musings, expression of excitement over the release of things I like, something coming up or Disney news; or just to vent over things that piss me off. I’m also going to try and do some researched “articles” here and there so maybe when I have something that’s interesting to blog about, I’ll try and get some history or interesting facts thrown in.

But first a little about myself. My name is Mark and I live just north of London in England, I’ve just turned 34, married for 11 years with an almost 7 year old son. I work in the financial sector and my interests include Disney, Star Trek, Transformers, Gaming, Arsenal Football Club amongst other things; so expect a few topics to come up here. I know a lot of the most popular blogs are pretty focused and the advice from the good people of BetaMouse was to pick your area of passion, but I’m a pretty random guy so this will be a pretty random blog.

You can follow me on various social networks, I usually always go by the name of FuseMP (the origin of which may end up being my first blog post), so friend me on FaceBook, follow me on Twitter etc etc.

Sorry Blackberry and Droid users, I’m an iPhone user. As a principle, I HATE Apple and always have done (which I know is a severe conflict of love and hate nowadays with Steve Jobs position in the Disney company) but I really cannot knock the iPod/iPhone/iTunes systems. I tried to avoid it, I got an mp3 player rather than a iPod and ended up getting an iPod. I got a different smart phone (although not a top of the range one) and ended up getting an iPhone as it couldn’t compare. Much like with Beta Vs VHS and BR Vs HDD; the other systems may be technically superior; but that doesn’t always decide the winner and as I look around on the train twice a day, its pretty obvious that the iPhone is the one to have. I will not, however, EVER get a Mac (he says for now).

I think I’ll probably start over the next week or so by explaining some of the basics about me, how I got into things and what keeps me ticking on them; especially as many of which have lasted with me for so long. We are going to Disneyland Paris at the end of July, so there will probably be some build up posts and some stuff while there. I would love to be able to tweet and ustream vidcast direct from the parks, but unfortunately, while I have the tech, the cost of doing it outside of England would be through the roof. It can only be a matter of time until the parks have free wifi or they work out international free 3G roaming on contract.

Ok, that should do it for my intro; now I’ve written this I guess I better decide which blogging site I’m going to use and set myself up.

Speak soon

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