Saturday, 5 June 2010

Origins of the man, the myth, the legend, the name that people aren’t usually sure how to pronounce.

Ok, so the title is a little OTT, but what the hell, it’s my blog, excuse me a little ego boosting here and there. As I said in my initial posting, I figured I should probably explain the FuseMP name as, lets face it, it is a little odd.

Back in my days……(oh god, shoot me now).

When at senior school (that’s ages 12 – 16 for non Brits out there), there comes a time when every boy thinks “What am I going to graffiti on the desk??”. Everyone else was coming up with their “tags” and for some reason, and I honestly can’t remember why, I came up with Fuse. I drew it all over every pad of paper I had always like this…

© Me 1989ish

..but I never had the guts to actually graffiti it onto any desks or walls or anything that I didn’t actually own; I know, I suck.

Anyway, many moons later the internet comes along and, apart from the odd visit to the University library to download the latest wrestling news (at excruciatingly slow speeds) to take home and read, my first real internet usage was E-Wrestling in 1996. For those who don’t know (both of you I imagine) E-Wrestling was/is a roleplay wrestling game where you write your wrestlers interviews, speeches and submit them and the person who did the best would win the match on that weeks show which would be written by whoever ran the Efed. The name of my first and main E-Wrestler…Fuse. Incidentally, in 1997 I was ranked three times in the 1996 RSPW-F Top 200 rankings. Fuse was ranked 43rd while my tag team Heaven & Hell (who were a comedy act consisting of God and Beelzebub) came in 156th and 108th respectively; so I was pretty good.

This led to group chats online using the IRC (internet relay chat) where again, my name was Fuse and my joining the #wrestling channel community on the Undernet where I kept the nickname.
But then disaster struck!!

Well, when I say disaster, what I actually mean is a "chocolate bar with nuts, raisins, crispys and fudge" struck. Due to the IRC’s nature at the time, you didn’t log on with a specific nickname, you just logged on and chose your name and could change it at any given time; they key was to find a name that had a very low chance of being taken by anyone else. I hadn’t had any problems with the name Fuse, but then in 1996 Cadburys released the “Fuse” chocolate bar and more Fuse’s started popping up. Not only could I not get on with my nickname, friends of mine were messaging these imposters thinking they were me; and what is worse, I HATE raisins!! I couldn’t even eat and enjoy the chocolate bar named after me!!

So something had to be done, and being completely unimaginative at the time I simply added my initials to the end of it and thus we get to FuseMP (pronounced Fuse-M-P not fusemp) which I have used as my internet name ever since. It’s the name all my accounts are in so if you ever see it on a forum or live chat, its almost certainly me, it’s the name I’ve had on the back of football jerseys, airbrushed onto tshirts and embroidered onto hats; it’s the name my wife first new me as, as we met in the #wrestling chat room in mid ‘97. It’s me.

Speak soon :)

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