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DisneyQ - Part Two

DisneyQ is a Disney/Star Trek crossover novel that I wrote in 2008.

If you missed Part One, and all the explanation as to why I wrote it, you can find it here

Here's Part Two

Chapter Four

"Hurry up, we're late!" Jennifer Roberts exclaimed as her husband, Graham, got the stroller out the trunk.

"Calm down Jenny," he replied, "the park doesn't close until 10 tonight; that's 11 hours from now."

"But now we're not going to beat any of the lines;"


"We’re going to have to wait for everything."


"And we've had to park in Dopey, DOPEY, the tram ride alone will take ten minutes, and that’s before the monorail ride to the main gates."


''WHAT Samantha?" Jennifer retorted much louder and sterner than she had meant to. Samantha stepped backwards, her eyes filling with tears just waiting to start flowing. "Oh honey I'm sorry, Mummy and Daddy are just trying to get everything sorted so we can go have some fun. What did you want?"

"I can't find Pony and I need her" Samantha sniffled; the explanation being enough to set off the tears.

"Oh dear God no." Jennifer thought to herself. Samantha had been given the pink plush My Little Pony for her second birthday and even now, a year later, Pony went everywhere with her. A lack of Pony would mean either hoping something in the shops here would appease her for the weekend, a tactic with mixed levels of success in the past, or a three hour round trip home and back to pick it up; and given that road works had caused them to be late already, three hours would be if they were lucky. This was not a good start to the weekend. “She must have had him when she got in the car,” she thought as she started to look around the back seat of the car where Samantha had been sitting. “She’s forgotten Pony,” Jennifer called out to Graham who had just closed the trunk and missed their daughter’s distress.

“I’ve got it;” Graham called back, as he emerged from around the back of the car with the stroller and bags.

“Thank god;” Jennifer muttered as she clambered back out of the back of the car, backside first.

Seeing the tears on Samantha’s face, Graham realised what he had missed; “it’s ok Sammy,” he reached into the stroller and offered Pony to her, “you dropped Pony when you were asleep in the car so I put her in your stroller for you.”

Samantha’s eyes lit up and as she saw her beloved toy in her daddy’s hand. She gratefully accepted it from him and gave it a big hug. Jennifer and Graham exchanged a relived glance at each other; both knew they were thinking the same thing; “what are we going to do if she ever does lose it.”

 “Here comes a tram,” Jennifer said as her eyes caught it coming, “come on, Mickey is waiting.”


Having worked at the park for nearly six yeas, Jonathan Rose considered himself a veteran cast member. For almost all that time Jonathan had been a character portrayer; one of the most important and secretive roles in the park. Cast member behaviour was something the Disney company took very seriously and character portrayers had to be totally in character from the second they were visible until they were completely out of sight; keeping kayfabe was paramount. It was a difficult job; the costumes could be very heavy and were so hot inside, visibility ranged but would be generally poor, you had to make each person feel special but at the same time get through as many as possible, hold books and sign autographs while wearing huge mittens or having just three fingers, control the crowd, reward those who waited patiently while making those who push in wait, be careful not to trip over or hit any children with a limb while being pulled about like a rag doll; all while staying in character and without talking.

Over the years he had seen many people not be able to handle the pressure, dream job turned nightmare; but Jonathan had thrived on it. All the hardships of the job melted away every time he saw a child or family smile or laugh. And he had loved to be able to play up all the different personalities, the playfulness of Pluto and Tigger, the tenderness of Mickey or Pooh; he even loved playing the villains, they weren't as mobbed and he could really interact with the guests whether it be by showing disgust at being asked to sign an autograph or by stealing their hats. 
A year ago Jonathan's role had taken a twist. The Pirates of the Caribbean film had been a major success and Disney wanted to have Jack Sparrow in the park. They made slight alterations to the attractions adding Captain Barbossa and changing the focus of the town pillaging to the search for Captain Jack; who would make appearances hiding and outsmarting his would be captors. But they also wanted Captain Jack as a walk around face character; Jonathan had auditioned and gotten the part.

Essentially it was the same job with the same objectives; he did miss the variety of portraying a different role each day, but his body had never been so grateful. After only a week of wearing normal clothes, rather than a huge suit and head piece, Jonathan could feel the difference; he had grown so accustomed to the pain that he didn't feel it until it wasn't there. And of course there was the one major difference between a face and non-face character; he could talk. At first it had been quite hard getting used to the perk, he would find himself motioning and gesturing to guests the way he would have always had to before remembering he could use his voice, but once he mastered how to use both techniques together his performances had begun to shine; he just had to master the dialect Johnny Depp had given the character in the movies, best described as a drunken campness.

He still had an hour before he was scheduled to make his first appearance of the day; Jonathan liked to arrive early in order to get into character while applying his extravagant make up. Most male face characters were princes so just needed to look handsome, some even jibed Jonathan for the extra work his role needed; "who cares," he would think to himself, "they were just an accessory to their respective princess; most guests couldn't even name them. I on the other hand am a main attraction."


Cameron Fisher was a Hidden Mickey hunter; he wanted to be amongst the most famous for it too. "If Barrett can have a book out why can't I?" he would often say to friends who questioned his sanity.

Living in California he had not been to Disney World in a long time; he didn't even really like it here. Like many Disneyland enthusiasts, Cameron considered the East coast park to be nothing more than a tourist trap; inferior in every way to the original. It didn't matter that Disney World had been the first park to have Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin or Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It didn't matter that Disney World had the water parks, Epcot, MGM and Animal Kingdom while Disneyland's second park was the biggest failure of all Disney parks. If didn't even matter to Cameron that the "Florida Project" was Walt's greatest dream. It was inferior and he would argue that to anyone willing. These arguments would usually end up with Cameron bringing up that Disneyland was Walt's park; Walt walked it, designed it, rode the attractions, made it perfect. The pro-Disneyland enthusiasts loved being able to play this card; while the “Florida Project”, more specifically EPCOT, was Walt’s greatest dream, he had passed away five years before the Magic Kingdom opened, sixteen years before EPCOT had opened, before construction on the property even got underway. Disneyland fans always claimed that you could feel Walt when walking around Disneyland, Disney World fans never had a comeback of equal stature to counter with.

But his personal thoughts on the parks didn’t matter, he was here to hunt Hidden Mickeys and he would need to collect his research if he were to launch his planned book and website; this was, after all, the birth place of Hidden Mickeys, as much as Cameron hated to admit it.

In his head he already had his first chapter written. He would start by giving a brief description of how Hidden Mickeys had originated, how imagineers, who had been banned from bringing Mickey into the EPCOT plans as a character, decided to sneak little images of him into the artistic designs. After all, who would notice that in one scene of Spaceship Earth there’s a tiny ink blot on a piece of paper on a desk in the shape of Mickey head and ears? Well, as it turns out, many people did and thus finding Hidden Mickeys became a popular game for guests at EPCOT; so much so that from then on they were added to all the new parks as well as integrated into both new and old attractions at the existing parks. He would then explain how this book would not only be the first guide to Hidden Mickeys that encompassed all the Disney parks world wide, it would also be the first to include a picture of every one of them.

On his PDA he had prelisted every known Hidden Mickey in Walt Disney World, he had searched the internet for months to compile his list and worked out the best route in which to capture them all; almost 600 in total. And if he could find a few that were previously unrecorded, well, even better, after all they popped up and disappeared all the time; the newer or newly refurbished attractions could be a goldmine for discovering newly placed Mickeys.

Cameron checked his camera was ready to go, this morning he was going to cover Tomorrowland. He checked his PDA; he was going to start over at the Indy Speedway and make his way back to the main hub. When there, there would be two Hidden Mickeys to photograph, the first just outside the attraction formed by shadows on the pavement; the second visible only from the grandstand viewing area where ears could be seen on the billboard.

“Let the hunt begin;” Cameron said to himself as he headed down Main Street towards the north end of Tomorrowland.


"Again?" Manny Jenkins spoke into his walkie talkie; "Didn't it need fixing yesterday?"

"Affirmative, Handy Manny" came the response.

"I'll be right there." Manny said with a depressed voice. "Why did they have to call that bloody kid's show repairman Manny?" he thought to himself, "it's going to be yeas before i shake that nickname."

Manny made his was through the utilidors, heading for Stairway #13. The utilidors were a network of corridors where garbage disposal, cleaning and cast members could move between places in the park without being seen by the guests above. To most this would seem like an underground basement, in fact it was the real ground level of the park complete with roads, parking and restaurants; the ground that the guests walked on actually being the first and sometimes second floors of the park as Fantasyland was raised even higher than the rest of the park. Manny was incredibly grateful for them, moving around the park, navigating through the guests would be extremely slow compared to this way of getting from place to place. They had been put into the initial designs for this park after Walt himself had seen cast members wearing Adventureland uniforms walking through Tomorrowland to get to their posts at Disneyland. Walt was so angered that uniforms would spoil the place making effect that he devised this false underground system.

Manny sighed, he had made this walk too often lately. He unclipped his walkie talkie and dialled one of his assistant’s numbers.

"Yes boss?" came the reply.

"Liberty Square again Phil, you'll never guess what's not working this morning."

"Country Bears again?"


"What do they do to that thing every night?"

"Beats me; but it's our job to fix it."

"I'm under Tomorrowland, I'll be around ten minutes."

"See you there. Out."

This was becoming an almost daily problem. Seemed like every morning Manny would be called to take a look at the Country Bear Jamboree, he'd fix whatever the problem was, it would be fine all day; and then the next morning it would be broken again. "At least when we used to do Country Bear Christmas we could properly service the attraction at the same time as make the changes." Manny thought to himself; with the Christmas overlay of the attraction not happening in 2006 and again taken off the schedule for 2007, the attraction hadn’t had a proper servicing since Christmas 2005; and Manny was paying the consequences on a daily basis.

Manny emerged from stairway #13 and made the short walk to the Country Bear Jamboree show building where outside a cast member was apologising to guests that the attraction was out of order. Manny hated seeing the disappointed look on people’s faces; it wasn’t a new show but it was one of the most popular attractions in the park; it just had too many aspects that could and did go wrong.

Chapter Five

Q was now sure that Q depriving her of her powers had to have something to do with her fascination with the castle. The three had walked up Main Street and as they had gotten nearer the detailing of the brickwork and stained glass windows had began to shine; it was just a building she knew, but if she were a queen or a princess, she wanted this as her castle. She felt herself in major conflict, she mocked and scolded herself for even thinking these thoughts, “you’ve gone mad!” she thought to herself, but she couldn’t help it, she was imagining and fantasising and thinking about how she could integrate a representation of this building into the continuum.

q recognised the style of the buildings in the area the map had called Fantasyland. Q had often regaled q with the story of how he had embarrassed Picard by making him play the role of Robin Hood, the lead in a very old human tale, in one of his games. Like that tale, these buildings were set in medieval times; brick turrets, woodwork and colourful tent canopies surrounded the open areas. "Odd," he thought; "where do the flying elephants fit into the decor?" q never recalled Q mentioning flying elephants in his description of the timeframe; he was pretty sure that detail would have made it in.

''I'm going to kill Paris." Q muttered to himself as he looked out over the scene in front of him; children everywhere. If there was one thing that Q agreed with Picard about it was that children just aren’t tolerable; apart from his own of course. This wasn’t what Q had in mind. He looked down at the map he still held; “Look,” he said to Q and q still trying to sell excitement, “they have something called ‘It’s a Small World’; maybe the humans that built this place did know how insignificant their planet was.”


Q had been expected a droll laugh from Q and q, but neither were paying any attention to him. Q wasn’t even facing the same way as Q and q; she had her back to them and was just staring up into the air where the castle towered above them. She had a feint smile across her face and seemed to be completely oblivious to what was going on around; her eyes glistened as they reflected the sparkling accent of the castle turrets. q too had ignored him, but having shown q the Universe, Q recognised the look on his face; something had raised his intrigue. Q approached where q stood and followed his line of sight; registering his approach, q lifted his arm and pointed, “What race or species is that?”

“Race or species?” Q thought, “humans didn’t make first contact with Vulcans until 2063, 56 years from now and this place will be long gone by then”. Q was slightly disappointed in his son’s lack of knowledge. However basic and mortal the humans were, they had been the race that saved the Universe and even though they had needed his help to do it they were worth a basic knowledge of. He was about to express his thoughts when he saw what q had been looking at. Standing in the middle of groups of humans, particularly the children, were various creatures that even Q didn’t recognise as being from any planet he had visited; and that was all of them. One of them was tall in stature with an elongated nose, big ears, wearing an orange shirt and yellow waistcoat topped off with a tiny green hat and huge white gloves; a very odd looking creature indeed. The second creature was blue head to toe and practically naked apart from a garland of flowers around his neck. He, at least Q presumed it was a male, had dark blue eyes and sharp looking teeth. q posed his question again and Q had no answer to give; a quick use of powers seemed required.

"They, q," Q began like he had always known and the answer was obvious, "are Goofy and Stitch."

"What planet are they from?"

''My boy, they are merely humans in costumes meant to represent characters from popular Disney made media. Apparently being here requires a level of playing along with the facade; a suspension of disbelief."

q nodded in understanding. Q regained Q's attention and so pleased with his quip the first time he repeated, "Look, they have something called ‘It’s a Small World’; maybe the humans that built this place did know how insignificant their planet was.”


"Tough crowd;" Q thought.

...........To Be Continued

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