Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bloody Hell!! It's a Blog Post!!

Well, it has only been 18 months since my last post, so probably time to write put fingers to keyboard.

I have long wanted to do a blog and enjoy writing about things I love and doing a bit of research on them at the same time, but truth is, I started this blog at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. As some of you may know, the commencement of this blog coincided with the final months of my dad’s brave battle against cancer. I used this blog as an escape from the terrible reality and always wrote about old subjects because that allowed me to think about happier times.

But 18 months later, as New Year 2012 approached, I had two resolutions in my head. One was to lose a little weight (like most people), and that got off to a great start on January 1st when lunch was at McDonalds; and the other was to return to this blog and do it properly this time and not as an escape. So here goes.

That said, while I was looking back in my previous posts, I do still think it important that I give some basic histories of myself in order for the reader to understand me or where I come from and for that reason I do want to write one more “my history with” piece; that being on Disney. It’s probably going to be quite a vague one as there are so many facets to cover, and I want to look at them more in-depth in separate blogs later on; so hopefully it wont take another 18months for me to get it out (but no promises).

Speak Soon :)

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  1. Some of the best advice I received was, "Write your blog post as if you are an expert and the audience already understands the basics of the topic. Don't get caught up in too much introduction."

    And better advice was, "Just write. You can always go back and edit it."


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